Covid-19 : In light of recent government advice, Foundation Derbyshire is temporarily closing its office. Staff will be working from home and our email address will continue to be monitored as normal during usual office hours: Mon to Fri - 9am to 5pm. Fri - 9am to 2pm.

Setting up a named company fund

Many companies have a budget for charitable donations but few have the time, resources or expertise to deal with the many requests for support they receive.

Take the hassle out of managing your charitable budget by setting up your own Fund with Foundation Derbyshire.

We work with you to provide:

  • A quick and easy process for setting up a fund
  • Good publicity opportunities for your company
  • A way to keep in touch with our work and local community issues
  • A service to deal with appeal letters
  • Proven grant-making expertise
  • Targeted grant making to projects that meet your criteria and strategy
  • Professional management of investments
  • An opportunity to make a gift that will benefit the community forever

One to one support

We work with our corporate partners to create a tailored grant programme that can include any combination of the following services:

  • Programme Design to ensure that your community fund is aligned to your own objectives, community relations strategy and internal resources.
  • Fund Launch & Promotion, utilising our own extensive countywide networks and website, to ensure that potential beneficiaries are reached and PR opportunities are optimised.
  • One to One Support for applicants to your fund, enabling them to submit well-developed applications.
  • Administration of the application process, from acknowledging applicants to providing key management information to the client.
  • Assessment Process, including due diligence on all grant applications before making any grants on behalf of our corporate partners.
  • Decision-making Panel Process, including training of panel members as well as the coordination, attendance and provision of secretariat function at panel meetings, and as the distribution of documentation.
  • Post Panel Services, including database entry, Conditions of Offer letters, grant payments, funding draw-down schedules for longer term grants, tailored letters for unsuccessful applicants providing reason for rejection.
  • Monitoring grant spend and capturing the impact of the funding, thereby enabling the us to provide clear and informative reports to our corporate partners on the impact of their giving.
  • Capacity Building Support: We work in partnership with established, local, third sector development agencies to ensure that community groups applying for funding are signposted to targeted capacity building support, specifically in areas such as governance, costing and financial management, grant and bid writing and sustainability planning.