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Charitable Trust Transfers

Anyone involved in the administration of a charitable trust knows how much hard work and effort is required to ensure that it runs efficiently, effectively and in line with the Charity Commission’s statutory requirements.

This is why an increasing number of charitable trust Trustees have absolved themselves of the day to day responsibility of managing their charity and transferred its assets to Foundation Derbyshire.

Over 1.45 million of Trust assets have already been transferred to Foundation Derbyshire and used to establish “Named Funds” within the Foundation’s endowment, which are then professionally managed in line with each Trust’s original objectives. Grants are made from income that the named fund generates in perpetuity and in accordance with established criteria and parameters set by the transferring trust.

Benefits of a Charitable Trust Transfer to Foundation Derbyshire

There are a number of benefits that Trustees derive from utilising the Foundation’s grant making infrastructure:

  • The Foundation’s county wide reach enables us to identify suitable recipients and enables donors to direct their funds effectively, creatively and in a way that reflects their individual interests/concerns, circumstances and desired level of involvement.
  • The Foundation has proven grant making expertise, having distributed in excess of £13 million of grant funding across the county since we were established in 1996.
  • Trustees can retain their involvement in grant making decisions, by participating in a dedicated “Named Fund Panel”, which the Foundation will establish and administer on your behalf.
  • Alternatively, you can delegate grant making decisions to the Foundation, using the expertise of our county wide panels to determine the most effective use of the funds.
  • The Foundation’s extensive county wide networks, local knowledge and profile within the community and voluntary sector (our website receives over 100,000 visits every month) enables us to respond to new challenges and social concerns as they arise and advise former Trustees accordingly.
  • Grants can continue to be distributed and marketed in the name of an existing charitable trust.

Additional key benefits of transferring assets/stewardship are:

  • Individual statutory accounts are not required
  • No need for a separate audit or to file with the Charity Commission
  • We assume the increasing burdens on Trustees
  • The Foundation can act on behalf of donors who wish to remain anonymous
  • Professional fund managers manage your funds as part of our portfolio
  • An annual charge covers all administration, grant making and portfolio management costs
  • A board of independent Trustees oversee the work of the Foundation
  • Donors can be sure that their charitable wishes will be honoured in perpetuity