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Freemasons of Derbyshire Fund – The Visits!

Our Freemasons of Derbyshire Fund is a fantastic fund to work on.

The fund was established to increase their giving to smaller grassroots organisations in the County and to create a new access point for local groups to benefit from Freemasons philanthropy.

Awarding grants predominantly for capital (equipment) the volunteers who sit on the Freemasons of Derbyshire Fund panel really like to get out and about and see the group’s they have supported.

So in the last few weeks we’ve seen Serpentine Community Farm in Buxton and had a visit from Derbyshire Blood Bikes to inspect the latest addition to their motorbike fleet!

Derbyshire Blood Bike  - group shot

For our donors, one of the key reasons they set up funds is the desire to reach local groups within the County, groups without the money for marketing campaigns, branding and celebrity endorsement. We are constantly reaching out to local groups quietly, tenaciously ┬ádoing great things – improving lives, inspiring and creating change in communities. And for these group’s a little money makes a tremendous difference.

When we take donors out to visit the groups they have supported the projects really do come to life, the impact is there to see and the groups always appreciate the opportunity to say thanks!