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Police and Crime Commissioner – Community Investment Fund

More Information

The fund has four main themes if your group submits an application to this fund it must be able to fit at least one of the themes:

  • Activities that help to reduce anti-social behaviour and other causes of crime within your community
  • Activities that support vulnerable young people who are either at risk of committing crime or becoming the victims of crime
  • Projects that  promote personal and/or community safety
  • Projects that help to improve your local community either through an activity that bring everybody in the community together or through improving the community physically (renovating a building or creating a new community space).

Type of Project costs funded

  • Capital (any items of equipment) although it is unlikely to fund substantial building works
  • Revenue (any non-equipment costs) including ongoing running costs for a project or group
  • One off events and one-off projects
  • The Fund will not consider contributing to projects costs exceeding £5,000


There are no other specific priorities linked to this fund


The Fund will make awards twice a year for projects within Derbyshire.


The maximum grant is currently £1,000

Closing Dates

There are no fixed closing dates, the panel only meets twice a year. If your project is time sensitive please contact the Foundations grants team to ensure your project will receive a decision before any planned activity or costs are met.

Examples of grants that could be made:

  • £250 towards the cost of security shutters for a community village hall
  • £200 for flyers, publicising a holiday activity club for children and young people
  • £150 towards annual room hire charges for a young people’s music club
  • £225 for publicity and insurance for a community festival


Making An Application

The Foundation has an on-line application process.
You will need to have a valid e-mail address to access the application process. If you do not wish to complete the form on-line but would prefer to hand write your bid then please do let us know and we’ll happily post you a hard copy out.
Start your online application by clicking here.