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Grants That Work – The PCRefurb Story

PCrefurb provide reconditioned tablets, laptops and PCs to individuals, community groups, charities, care homes and other spaces where technology can reduce isolation and remove barriers to independent living.

A grant awarded from our Hall family Fund cemented and formalised their ability to offer support and training to those receiving their ICT. This was done by offering financial assistance to employ a designated part time ICT tutor. The impact was immediate and the Charity has gone on to restructure and boost such support off the back of this grant..

“The difference has been we have been able to provide formal back up support and training. This means that they can engage with the use of the IT equipment immediately, gaining confidence and experience.

Having a tutor on board has made us realise the importance of such a role and since engaging the part-time tutor we have now employed a part-time volunteer co-ordinator who trains volunteers in how to provide initial contact and delivery of how to use equipment.”

PCrefurb cover the High Peak and Dales where rural isolation means ICT can play a lifeline in connecting families and accessing services, which are increasingly moving online (banking, GP, utilities)
Following the provision of IT equipment and the training from the tutor the charity has been able to make a real and significant change to the wellbeing and lives of local residents.

The three quotes below came from people who are typical of their client base; isolated, alone and feeling cut off.

“Seeing my daughter on the screen was wonderful. It’s the next best thing to her being here!”

“I felt like life was over for me, but I’ve started to hope that things can get better.”

“I finally feel part of society”