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Grants that Work – The Austism East Midlands Story

Autism East Midlands (Formerly NORSCA) have operated in Heanor, Derbyshire, for 17 years with the Munday Street site opening in 2009. Their clients present on a wide scale of the autistic spectrum but they also cater for adults with asperger’s and other learning difficulties. They offer a day care centre plus evening and weekend residential care. Their clients are not able to live independently and so are cared for by family or sheltered accommodation services.

Our Freemasons Derbyshire Fund was able to support the development of their outdoor space by granting funds for the purchase of specialist musical sensory equipment. The ‘Tallboys’ are a permanent addition to the garden space and help with musical therapy sessions.

The services offered by Autism East Midlands are a lifeline to many local families who rely on the care for respite and to improve the level of independence for their children or guardians.

“My son Ali often gets gets anxious from noise around him and this can lead to full blown panic attacks. Having a sensory area he can retreat to allows him to feel ‘safe’ and can calm him, it has proven very effective”

You can watch a short clip, highlighting their amazing work and how small grants make a big difference to them by clicking here

Our thanks as always to John Felix Films for the footage