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Anyone involved in the administration of a charitable trust knows how much hard work and effort is required to ensure that it runs efficiently, effectively and in line with the Charity Commission’s statutory requirements.

We work with an increasing number of charity trustees, helping them to distribute funds in Derbyshire and find groups, projects and charities that meet their Trust’s criteria and need support.

So if administration, governance or Trustee recruitment is becoming a challenge, we can take over the management of the Trust for you, assuming all of the administrative and legal responsibilities, and ensuring that your charitable objects continue or are updated to meet modern needs, now and in the future.

Tailored Service

However Trustees choose to work with us, our philanthropy service ensures that your individual requirements (from the particular groups or activities that you would like to support, to your desired level of ongoing involvement) are met.

Greater Impact

The Foundation’s economies of scale and grant-making expertise reduce costs and enable more of your funds to get closer to the heart of communities that really need your help and support.

Local Knowledge

We have been working as an experienced and trusted partner to both charitable trusts and community groups in Derbyshire for over 25 years.

This gives us unrivalled reach to over 2,000 local community groups and charities and means that we understand what’s needed locally, even if you are struggling to find and fund the groups that need your support.

Experienced Advisors

Over 2.5 million Trust assets have already been transferred to Foundation Derbyshire and used to establish “Named Funds” within the Foundation’s endowment.

Honouring your charity’s name, aims and objectives for future generations

Named Funds are professionally managed in line with each Trust’s original objectives. Grants are made from income that the named fund generates in perpetuity and in accordance with established criteria and parameters set by the transferring trust.

The Foundation offered us the perfect solution … the Foundation has assumed full administrative responsibility and by terminating the Trust and establishing a named fund with the Foundation, we no longer have the burden, or cost, of grant assessment, monitoring, marketing, secretariat or Charity Commission reporting.

The Foundation’s local knowledge and county-wide profile mean that we are now able to help groups and individuals, of which we were previously unaware, and increase the diversity of our grantmaking activity. The transfer process itself was seamless and for the recipients of our grants it’s been business as usual.

John Weston Benefactor of the John Weston Charitable Fund

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