Making An Application

Foundations Derbyshire

We hold and deliver over 60 different funding streams, set up by a huge range of local philanthropists including; families, individuals and businesses. These donors all share a common goal of wanting to ‘put back’ into Derbyshire.

Although we have many funds, we have one application form. You complete the form, and we match you to the fund that will give you the best chance of success. Taking into consideration factors such as fund meeting dates, donor preferences and competition levels.

Before you click on the button below to start your online application form, if you can, please do take the time to call us first on 01773 525860 or email us at to arrange a time to talk.

We always welcome the opportunity to say hello and learn more about your group’s plans, timeframes, what problems you face and what you really need. We can also offer early-stage advice on how to best present your project to our donors.

We would also strongly recommend reading Your Journey and our Successful Grants Guide. These pages give a great overview of what to expect, what to send in with your application form, what to avoid, and how to get the best out of the process. Please take the time to have a scan through as it will be incredibly beneficial.

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Who is eligible to apply for grants?

We fund Derby and Derbyshire based community groups, registered charities, CIOs and CICs (If you are a CIC click here for extra details on our expectations regarding your governance).

Groups do not have to be registered charities but do have to show evidence of some formal structure.

There are no restrictions on a group’s size (income level), or how long you have been established.  However, our speciality lies in helping smaller groups of limited means to thrive.

It is unusual for us to Fund national charities unless the application is from a small, self-financing local branch and/or for a distinct Derby/Derbyshire focused project and they can evidence that they are addressing a gap that local groups aren’t able to cover.

How much can we apply for?

We are a small grantmaker, so the maximum grant from most of our funds is £2,500 (from April 1st 2023)

Can we apply for more than one grant at a time?

On the whole, we state one group, one bid.  We don’t take multiple applications from groups, as it would severely limit the number of local groups we could support across the City and County.

Do you have deadlines to apply?

We don’t have closing dates; funds are open all year round. Once your application is submitted, we will endeavour to get you a decision within 12-16 weeks (often quicker), with a firm decision date provided at an early stage of the process.

Can we apply if we have had a grant before?

Yes, once a year has passed from your award date. Always call the grants team to chat before reapplying, as we can often provide advice on when to approach us for the best possible outcome.

Do I need to send anything in with my application?

Yes, to ensure your group is legitimate, well run, has a genuine financial need and can manage a grant, we ask to see some key documents. These are listed in the success guide.