Complaints Procedure

Foundations Derbyshire

Please note

Complaints and appeals are treated separately. Making a complaint against Foundation Derbyshire (‘the Foundation’) does not mean decisions on grant applications will be reconsidered unless the basis of the complaint is found to have affected the decision. If you wish to appeal against a decision on a grant application please follow the appeals process.

The Complaints Procedure is open to anyone who is dissatisfied with the actions of the Foundation.

What to do if you have a complaint

Most complaints can be resolved quickly and easily by discussing your complaint with your contact at the Foundation.

If you are unable to resolve the complaint or are unhappy with the response you receive, please write to the Chief Executive with your complaint as early as possible after the issue occurred.

Explain the facts of your complaint, giving as much detail as you can. It is helpful if you can give approximate dates and attach any relevant paperwork, i.e. copies of letters, etc.

If your complaint is in relation to a grant application please include the Unique Reference Number (URN), which you should find on correspondence from the Foundation.


We cannot respond to anonymous complaints. We will maintain your right to confidentiality, so please include your name and contact details.

What the Foundation will do

The Foundation will acknowledge your complaint within six working days.

The complaint will be discussed by the Senior Management Team at the Foundation who will decide who will investigate your complaint and a deadline for reporting back. We will write to you with this information.

The Foundation will allocate an appropriate person to investigate your complaint; this will be someone who has not been involved with the case to date. They will investigate fully each point of the complaint and report back to the Senior Management Team at the Foundation.

The Senior Management Team at the Foundation will decide on any actions required as a result of your complaint.

A full written response will be sent to you detailing the outcome of your complaint.

You will be given an opportunity to comment and indicate if you are satisfied with the outcome.

The Foundation aims to report on complaints within one month but if this is not possible we will keep you informed of the progress.

If, in exceptional circumstances, you are not satisfied with the response, you may appeal to the Chair of the Board of Trustees. If your complaint involves the Chief Executive, you should write to the Chair of the Board in the first instance.

The Chair will acknowledge receipt of your letter within 10 working days where possible.

In the case of an appeal to the Chair for a review of the response from the Chief Executive, or where the complaint involves the Chief Executive, an investigation will be carried out by the Chair or another member of the Board acting on their behalf.

The Chair will aim to notify you of their decision, which is final, and the reasons for it within 28 working days of receiving your letter.

If you are not satisfied with the decision, we are regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales and further information about how you can complain can be found at, including any complaints about fundraising that can be reported to the Fundraising Regulator.

Foundation trustees, staff and volunteers may also raise concerns under the Foundation’s separate Whistle Blowing Policy.