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Congratulations on your award, we’re so pleased we were able to support you in getting the finances you need for your group.

Below you will find a range of things you need to release your award, keep us abreast of changes and most importantly report back to us on how things went – crucial for our donors, who want to know the impact their philanthropy has made.

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Your Grant agreement

It is essential you read this before signing and returning your section of the grant agreement.  Without agreeing to this document we cannot release payment.

Using our logo

We really value the acknowledgement of our funding, it also helps spread the word about Foundation Derbyshire so we can reach more groups that need our help. Please use our logo on any literature, publicity or media releases linked to your grant. Details about how to apply our branding and the logos (in PNG format) can be downloaded here.

Changes to your Grant - such as budget

Sometimes you need to make a change to your budget and/or your project, maybe you got a better deal or had to pay out more than you anticipated?  Keep us in the loop and let us know. Call us on 01773 525860 and then download and complete the changes document.

Changes to your Grant - extending beyond 12 months

You will have been given 12 months to spend your grant from the date of the award but we appreciate sometimes unexpected delays occur. Call us on 01773 525860 and then download and complete the extension document.

End of Grant monitoring form

Our monitoring was supplied to you as part of your award e-mail along with the date it is due. Your award e-mail contains a link to an online end of grant form, so if you can use that link it would be immensely helpful to us.  If you would like us to resend the link just call us on 01773 525860.

However, can download a copy here.

Leaving your organisation or group

Saying goodbye to the group and moving on? Don’t forget to supply us with an alternative contact for the group so we still have an active member of the committee to chat to.

Call us on 01773 525860 and then download and complete the group contact document.

If you have made full spend before the due date you can always return it early. We look through each report very carefully and feedback to our donors on a regular basis. Please do take the time to supply quotes, publicity and personal stories.

Other questions?

Not found what you’re looking for yet? Do call us on 01773 525860 if you can; we’re here to help!

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