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Setting up a Named Fund with Foundation Derbyshire is a quick and simple way of starting your philanthropic journey with us and putting your generosity to work in the local community.

We take the time to listen and understand how and why you want to give, before working with you to create a bespoke fund that reflects your charitable wishes and circumstances.

Our Named Funds are an easy, tax-efficient and cost-effective alternative to establishing a  charitable trust that take the hassle out of giving (we assume all of the legal and administrative burden) and leave you with the best bits …

The best bits

Fund types

We have two types of fund; Endowment and Flow-through. We never forget that everyone is different, so please click below to find out more or call us if there’s anything at all you’d like to discuss.

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Endowment Fund

Your gift is invested for the long-term, under professional management, with the aim of long-term growth of capital and income. Grants are made from the income earned year by year. Endowment funds enable you to make grants today and also increase your capacity to meet the community’s future needs. Over time, the amount distributed will outstrip your original gift, creating a lasting legacy for your community.

Flow-through Fund

Your gift is held as cash and used to make grants in the short term, usually within a year of receipt. Flow-through funds increase your capacity to meet current needs but to keep the fund going, you need to make a new gift every year.

The Best of Both Worlds

You can also choose to have a “Hybrid” Fund that has both Endowment and Flow-through elements and gives you the “best of both worlds’, i.e. more money for grants in the short-term, while also putting something aside for the future.

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