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The emotional wellbeing of children and young people is just as important as their physical health. Good mental health helps them to cope with whatever life throws at them, giving them the space to grow into well-rounded, healthy adults.

Pressure on young people today can be enormous. The ever-changing world of social media can increase feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. Many worry over what the future holds, as well as those ever-present fears around ‘fitting in’ and the transition from childhood to adulthood. Anxiety, depression, self-harm or eating disorders are often a direct response to what is happening in their lives.

These issues can be further compounded by poverty, or where a young person’s circumstances leave them particularly vulnerable.

Local Derbyshire charities and community groups are playing an ever-increasing role in the support of young people. In our towns, villages and schools these groups are dealing with the personal fall-out from mental health crises, supporting not only the young people themselves but also their families, siblings and carers.


One in six school-aged children has a mental health problem. This is an alarming rise from one in ten in 2004 and one in nine in 2017.
(Source: NHS Digital, 2020)

About one in twenty (4.6%) 5-19-year-olds has a behavioural disorder, with rates higher in boys than girls.
(Source: NHS Digital, 2018)

Self-harm is more common among young people than other age groups. 25% of women and 9.7% of men aged 16-24 report that they have self-harmed.
(Source: McManus et al., 2016)

96% of young people reported that their mental health had affected their schoolwork at some point.

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