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Setting up a Charitable Fund

Charitable giving by individuals & families can make a real difference to the local community.

Foundation Derbyshire is here to help you to support local causes that you care about and reach those that so desperately need your help.

Establishing a fund with Foundation Derbyshire is a cost-effective alternative to establishing and managing your own charitable trust.

For further information contract Rachael at or call 01773 525861.

We handle all legal and administrative requirements including accounting, compliance with charity legal requirements and returns to the Charity Commission and work with you to make your charitable giving easier and more rewarding.

Unlike many other charities, we also have the versatility to help you to support a wide range of causes, from children to the elderly, from the arts to the environment and have a professional dedicated staff team to advise you on your charitable giving.

The key benefits of setting up a named fund with Foundation Derbyshire are:

  • You can set up either an Endowment Fund (which will be invested, and the income used to make grants year after year), or a Flow Through Fund (which will be used to make grants in the short-term, usually within a year to five years of receipt).
  • Your fund could support a favourite cause such as young people or a particular area such as South Derbyshire or a particular town or village. The Foundation will seek out applications from projects and groups that meet your criteria.
  • Alternatively, you could leave it to the Foundation to allocate grants to a range of causes across the county at our discretion.
  • You may make a gift now of money or an item of value such as shares, property or other investments or leave a gift in your will.
  • You can request that grants are paid out in the name of your fund, or anonymously.
  • For further information on establishing a named fund contact Rachael Grime at