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John Weston Fund

More Information

Strand One: Support to individual young people

The age range for applying is 11 – 25 years of age

The fund will support young people in developing their life skills, it is about embarking on experiences that will build character and offer unique opportunities to test & progress themselves.  Any project must show a commitment to volunteering in the community either during the experience or on their return – sharing experiences and skills. As well as funding traditional gap year projects the fund will also support costs linked to pursuing excellence in sport or music as well as extra-curricular educational activities.

Individuals wishing to apply must contact the grants team for an application form. The form below is only applicable to community groups

Strand Two: Community & voluntary groups – Young People

The panel will consider funding youth projects that are aimed at 11 -25 year olds

Strand Three: Community & voluntary groups – Older People

The panel will consider funding projects aimed at supporting older isolated individuals within the catchment area – isolation could be due to lack of mobility, living alone, dementia, stroke or other illnesses


Type of Project costs funded

  • Capital (any items of equipment) including refurbishment / building work
  • If the building / refurbishment is large scale you will need to identify a specific item your £2,500 would purchase or contribute too.
  • Revenue (any non-equipment costs) including ongoing running costs for a project or group
  • One off events and one-off projects

Additional Exclusions

If you have received a grant for your group’s core /ongoing running costs (i.e rent, transport etc) you will need to wait a period of 12 months before re-applying for the same costs.


There will always be a preference in awarding individuals and groups who can show they have made some efforts to fundraise internally.


This Fund is geographically specific to a certain portion of the county, predominantly in the south west.  To apply you must live in or provide services to individuals within the following postcode areas. We have given some examples of towns and villages included in these areas although the lists are not exhaustive.

  • DE3 9; DE3 0 – includes Mickleover
  • DE4 4 – includes Wirksworth
  • DE5 3; DE5 8 – includes Ripley, Denby & Marehay
  • DE6 1; DE6 2; DE6 3; DE6 4; DE6 5 – includes Ashbourne, Tissington
  • DE21 5 – includes Little Eaton & Horsley
  • DE22 2; DE22 4; DE22 5 – includes Allestree & Mackworth
  • DE55 1; DE55 7 – includes Swanwick & Alfreton
  • DE56 1; DE56 2; DE56 4; DE56 0 – includes Belper, Duffield, Kilburn
  • DE65 5; DE65 6 – includes Hilton, Hatton Willington & Findern


Individuals can apply for up to £500.* (please contact the grants team for an application form)

Community groups can apply for up to £2,500

Closing Dates

There are no fixed closing dates. The decision making panel meet four times per year.


Making An Application

The Foundation has an on-line application process. The application link below is only valid for community groups NOT individuals. If you are an individual wishing to apply to the John Weston Fund please contact the grants team directly on 01773 525860.

You will need to have a valid e-mail address to access the application process. If you do not wish to complete the form on-line but would prefer to hand write your bid then please do let us know and we’ll happily post you a hard copy out.

Start your online application by clicking here.