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The Derbyshire High Sheriff Fund

More Information

The Fund has 3 Key Strands

1. Improving people’s understanding of crime, alcohol, drug and solvent abuse. Addressing these social problems through educating communities and offering projects reducing the risks. The panel will prioritise projects targeting children and young people affected by these issues or at risk.

2. Projects that help create safer communities and help prevent crimes in neighbourhoods. There will be a particular focus on supporting young people to keep safe and providing solutions to anti-social behaviour.

3. Consideration will also be given to projects and organisations, which the High Sheriff Fund panel, at their discretion, believes to be worthwhile.

Type of Project costs funded

  • Revenue costs, including continuous running costs (but only where the grant being applied for is for a specific and identified element of your costs, e.g., rent and refreshments)
  • Capital Costs (building and equipment)
  • Project work including new and established projects
  • One off events and activities


There are no other specific priorities linked to this fund


All of Derby & Derbyshire


The maximum grant is currently £1,000

Closing Dates

The panel meets twice a year, if you have a time sensitive project please contact the grants team to check this Fund is a viable option

Examples of grants that could be funded

  • £750 towards the cost of security shutters for a community village hall
  • £200 for flyers, publicising a holiday activity club for children and young people
  • £500 towards annual room hire charges for a young people’s music club
  • £425 for publicity and insurance for a community festival


Making An Application

The Foundation has an on-line application process.

You will need to have a valid e-mail address to access the application process. If you do not wish to complete the form on-line but would prefer to handwrite your bid then please do let us know and we’ll happily post you a hard copy out.

Start your online application by clicking here.