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The Walbrook Fund

More Information

The fund aims to focus on the following:

  • Groups working in geographical areas of HIGH disadvantage, where people are facing acute economic difficulties
  • Groups working with some of the most vulnerable people in our communities such as elderly isolated people, individuals with mental health problems or disability, or people facing homelessness.

Type of Project costs funded

  • Capital items (any items of equipment)
  • Revenue (any non equipment costs) including ongoing running costs for a group or project
  • One-off events and one-off projects

Additional Exclusions

If you have received a grant for your group’s core /ongoing running costs (i.e rent, transport etc) you will need to wait a period of 18 months before re-applying for the same costs.


There are no specific priorities linked to this fund.


Derby City and Derbyshire wide


The decision making panel usually make awards of up to £2,000, with the majority falling in the £1,000 range

Closing Dates

There are no fixed closing dates but the decision making panel meet twice a year

Examples of grants made

£957 to cover the costs of qualified carers to facilitate a dementia peer support group in Staveley

£2,000 to stabilise a service supporting grandparents caring for their grandchildren, where the parents can no longer offer a home due to drug abuse

£1,000 to cover costs for a food bank to refurbish their newly acquired headquarters and store rooms


Making An Application

The Foundation has an on-line application process.
You will need to have a valid e-mail address to access the application process. If you do not wish to complete the form on-line but would prefer to hand write your bid then please do let us know and we’ll happily post you a hard copy out.


Start your online application by clicking here.