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Grants That Work – Bakewell Town Hall

Every year provincial theatres are being lost, pubs and community spaces are closing and in tandem to this, reports of loneliness are increasing for both older and younger generations. Communities desperately need places where local people can come together, even more so in rural areas. Luckily in many towns, village and cities there are individuals and groups working hard to foster community spirit and create spaces for use by all. Local independent funding is vital in supporting community hubs, whether a local shop, café, village hall or art space; they are the glue that holds our communities together.

We have received the most wonderful support and advice. As a very small charity we appreciate the support and faith placed in us. It gives us courage that our ideas and efforts are sound and appreciated.

The purchase of new notice boards for the Town Hall in Bakewell might seem a small difference to make, but with hundreds of people walking past the building every week, appearances and profile are crucial.

“Our notice board project has made a fantastic difference to the town hall. The notice boards provide more promotion space, allowing us to be more visible and able to promote more shows and activities on the front of the building. We are reaching new audiences and attracting more visitors. This benefits our users, such as local craftspeople and charities who have sales and fundraising events at the town hall. “