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Grants That Work – The Artcore Story

Back in November 2020 our Freemasons Derbyshire Fund provided money for 80 kits, these kits were family packs, featuring a wide variety of simple and fun arts and crafts materials. Carefully curated and delivered by volunteers to families reaching out to Artcore, some activities could be completed independently, as and when families had time, others were linked to online tutorials and videos.

The family kits were particularly supportive to so many during the Winter 2020/21 lockdowns and school closures. A period which saw families unable to connect over Christmas, and further school closures in the new year created difficulties for many parents and children alike.

“It’s been a really intensely stressful time for the family. Just doing this couple of hours of art each week has been a lifeline, it’s kept me sane and allowed the kids to focus on something good.  I’m letting you know so you can realise that even though the children were reluctant to go on camera, you really made a massive difference to them at a really difficult time of their lives… thank you all so much” – Client A

“Following these family kits we were approached and requested to create kits for the elderly especially for the winter months. We ended up making a total 1000 kits with various creative activities for different age groups to engage and connect. Post lockdown when things started reopening a lot of these new connections were able to avail further opportunities at Artcore” – Ruchita @ Artcore