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Grants That Work – The Limestone House Story

Simple, Effective, Personal
The Beauty of Local 

Creswell, in Bolsover, sits in one of the most deprived areas of the country. Within this community sits Limestone house, a vibrant cornerstone of local activity. It nurtures relationships through social groups, educates through exhibitions and develops individuals through training.

The Luncheon Club & Music Club are two of the most popular groups on offer and the Foundation’s ‘Derbyshire Older People’s Fund’ has financed the transport to allow 23 elderly residents to access these groups for a full year, via a modest grant of £2,000.

These simply structured groups, provide the opportunity for people to be, once again, part of the community they have lived in for so long. They benefit from a hot nutritious shared meal and the power of music, singing and listening to bring joy and connection. Many of the recipients of the transport, provided by a local community transport scheme, suffer physical challenges and mental health issues, so a reliable, stress free mode of transport is crucial.

“When Marjorie’s husband died she found it difficult to leave her home. She heard about the Luncheon club and we arranged for her to be picked up (and returned home). Marjorie tells me that this has made a vast difference to her life as she enjoys the company of others at the club. Just getting out of the house instead of looking at the 4 walls makes her feel good. She sings along at the Music Club which brings back lovely memories and she enjoys a healthy meal. Due to her Mobility problems she has difficulty walking so without the transport it is highly likely she would not attend “ – Applicant