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Grants that Work – The Rhubarb Farm Story

Rhubarb Farm were awarded £937 from our Hall Family Fund last year to fund vital new resources to equip their training room.

The farm offers a myriad of courses, workshops and qualifications, many connected to horticulture, farming and animal care alongside basic english, maths and ICT support. They work with some of the most vulnerable in our society to move forward positively.

“Being able to buy the equipment has been a big boost, before this we used to scrabble about finding bits of wallpaper to write on, or relied on trainers to bring flipchart boards. Being a ‘Farm’ meant that when we wanted a table for a training session, it would often be found in the polytunnel used for seed trays, and was filthy, so needed a lot of scrubbing before it could be used in a classroom. Now we have dedicated tables for our Training Room, which makes things a great deal easier” – Manager

Rhubarb Farm will be able to use the equipment for years to come, to continue to provide training opportunities for the people they target, i.e. people with multiple and complex needs, who are furthest from the labour market, and have the fewest qualifications (if any). This equipment has already shown itself to be invaluable

“I did the Maths course, and we got provided with all the paper and pens we needed. It has helped me to understand my money better.” David (real name) 46


In the first 12 months alone the equipment has supported the delivery of 19 courses with 188 places taken up.  Those benefiting from training include;  recovering drug and alcohol misusers, ex-offenders. individuals with mental health issues, students excluded from mainstream education and adults / young adults with learning difficulties.