Grants That Work – the SV2 Story

“It’s not hopeless. I have grown in confidence, I am more self assured.”

As with most organisations SV2 can find it difficult to attract funding for ‘office basics’. It isn’t perceived as front line and so is less appealing. However the broadband, software costs and the redesign of their website that they applied to us for, were all vital to the day to day efficiency of the entire operation.

Foundation Derbyshire has a fantastic track record in offering grants for these ‘harder to find’ costs. The volunteers on our funding panels show real insight and an understanding of what it is to run a charity or voluntary group by providing finance where others don’t.

Without  SV2’s services victims can potentially feel isolated and unable to process what has happened to them and how to move on from it.  There can also be a lack of support through the criminal justice process.

“A very positive experience in one of the darkest periods of my life. Was reassuring to know that there was a phone service 24 hrs. Anja was a lovely lady who gave me some excellent advice on managing and accepting my anxiety. At the beginning the appointment text reminders were helpful because my head was all over the place.”