A note on our funding during these difficult times

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Throughout this pandemic, you’ve been sharing your concerns, fears and successes with us.  As always we’ve been listening and trying to respond as best as we can…

In these challenging times we’d like to reiterate that all of our funds remain open to both covid and non covid related projects. We’ll keep supporting your day to day core costs, capital items and your new, innovative ideas.

Where appropriate and necessary, we are also offering all successful grants a spend period of 18 months as opposed to our standard 12 months and we’ll also consider flex extensions to this period if your group has been unable to meet.

This means we can accept applications on a rolling basis, even if you are unsure of how the pandemic will affect the running of your group, we hope this will make it easier you to plan for the future, as you unlock your vital services to the community you care for.

We’re here to chat, give support and point you in the right direction

We want Derbyshire’s community groups and charities to still be here when we emerge from the pandemic

You are too important to lose so drop us an email: hello@foundationderbyshire.org

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