Foundation Derbyshire Awards 2015

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For nearly twenty years, Foundation Derbyshire has been making a difference to the lives and well being of people throughout the local area, distributing nearly 5,000 grants, worth more than £13.7 million across the county.

Important as these numbers are, they, and indeed Foundation Derbyshire, are only a very small part of a much larger story; an epic tale of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, of hardship, endeavour, challenges, tenacity and simple human kindness. Derbyshire is a beautiful, thriving and innovative county but also one in which poverty, ill health, isolation and disadvantage are causes of distress and unhappiness for many.  Fortunately, there are also people within our communities with the means, commitment and generosity of spirit who give freely and willingly of their time, money, or both, to provide vital services and support to those who are vulnerable and in need.

These people are making Derbyshire a better place for us all and by sharing the stories of twelve particularly inspiring groups and projects, the Foundation Derbyshire Awards are an opportunity for us to say thank you to everyone who is making a real difference, for Derbyshire for good.

Our 2015 Nominees had all been awarded grants in the last 12 months and were selected by our volunteer grant committee members. They included:

*TOGS Clothing Project

The Old Post Centre

*Everybody Hurts

New Mills Community Festival

*Arthur & Martha

*Spokes Project 

Parenting Additional Needs

Wild Things

Play and Recycling Centre

*The Arboretum Community Project

Wirksworth Swimming Pool 


* Our 6 final winners

It was a wonderful night, inspiring and humbling, the Foundation is truly privileged to be able to support such great Derbyshire groups.  However, this support is only possible due to our donors – donors who understand the importance of local philanthropy and the difference that small groups can make on our own doorstep, without fuss, with care and dignity.

Foundation Derbyshire will continue to work hard to encourage more people to take a philanthropic journey with us – to allow us to fund and support even more groups in the years to come.

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