Foundations Derbyshire

What do we do if our bid is not successful?

It can be incredibly frustrating and disappointing to not get the result you so hoped for.

It can lead to having to change plans, drop plans and create cause for concern around viability – we do understand this.

As you’ve been working alongside your grants officer to hone and improve your chances of success during the assessment process, they’ll have got to know you and your group – it can be difficult to relay the news you weren’t hoping to get, but always ensure we will be honest and open about the decision making process.

First it is useful to identify why the application wasn’t successful. This often falls into two categories:

  1. Governance Issues
  2. Donor Preference

If the concerns were around governance the grants officer will be able to signpost training and support from a local ‘community and voluntary service’ partner.  We can pinpoint how to improve governance so it feels more robust to those looking to give.

If the reasons are donor preference we can chat around how to create a better connection and resonance with a future bid.

Either way we’ll be able to advise how long to wait before submitting another application – to maximise chances a second time round.

There are so many variables in play with a funding round: Money available, the types of other projects you are competing with geographically and thematically and the level of need each project demonstrates.

Communication is key though – we can always formulate a plan to look forward to a fresh approach

And also of course help you find other funders out there that might be in position to give