Nick Hodgson

Foundations Derbyshire
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What’s great about Foundation Derbyshire?

It is the only Derbyshire charity that supports all sorts of different local groups and organisations tackling individual and community needs across the county. It is also very nimble on its feet in responding very quickly to emergencies such as the recent floods and the Covid pandemic. Underpinning all this is its effectiveness and efficiency in getting financial support out to exactly where it is needed.

Why do you like being a Trustee of Foundation Derbyshire?

I was born and bred in Derbyshire and spent all my working life at Derbyshire County Council. The county is very much home to my family. We owe it a great deal and I hope that by supporting the Foundation I can put a bit back to help other people and to say thank you.


I was born in Sheffield but have lived all my life in Derbyshire. Educated in Dronfield and then at Manchester University I started work as a Town Planner and eventually became Chief Executive of Derbyshire County Council before retiring in 2013.

Outside of work my two key achievements are helping Chris my wife to bring up our four kids in a happy family and growing the family holiday cottage business.

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