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What brought you to Foundation Derbyshire?

I have admired the community foundation network for many years, and Derbyshire has been my home for almost my entire life; so it was easy for me to accept the invitation to become a Trustee in 2014. At that time I was about to embark on a year of being the county’s High Sheriff, a role that introduces you to so many charitable groups and communities throughout the county. I witnessed first hand the good works that the Foundation does in the county, and I have met a great number of the foundation’s supporters, friends and funders since that time. Foundation Derbyshire does a unique and fabulous job of bringing funders and charitable needs together. In the county, we are unique!

Being the Chair

I didn’t expect to become the Chair after only 18 months of being a Trustee. But, it has been a great honour to take on the role. I take a deal of satisfaction from being part of the team, which is so good-natured, and professional too. I like to think that all the Trustees enjoy their roles at Foundation Derbyshire, and at meetings the constructive contributions that everyone makes is extremely special. I think we are the definition of a Team.

The Executives

We have a very small but incredibly efficient executive body of Rachael, Sarah and Misbah. This group has expanded, and contracted again, over the years, but Rachael, Sarah and Misbah have been the core of the Foundation for almost two decades. They are undoubtedly one of the key reasons that Foundation Derbyshire works so effectively.

I think we have done some special things at Foundation Derbyshire in recent times. We distributed more than £1.25million of grant aid during the Covid pandemic and ran a Flood Relief appeal in 2019. We have helped all manner of causes throughout the county. And, our funds have grown in value by 70% since 2016. Every one of our Trustees and wider friends have played a part in achieving this.

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