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What drew you to Foundation Derbyshire?

I had grown up on a tough & disadvantaged council estate but was then living and working in a much more privileged space. I was in my own bubble and just felt I needed a way to understand, reach and help those less fortunate.  Foundation Derbyshire gave me that much needed on the ground view of community groups and charities tackling disadvantage and empowering those hard to reach in our communities.

What excites you most about Foundation Derbyshire?

Helping local groups and charities make a real difference for the people in our county that are in most need of support, encouragement and opportunity. 

Within the Foundation we are also working very hard to further strengthen diversity and equality in all that we do.

Can philanthropy solve our problems?

I must admit I used to think that philanthropy was the domain only for the rich and famous.  Not anymore.  If you give a small amount of money and/or give some of your time to a charitable cause you are passionate about then you could call yourself a philanthropist or simply someone that cares and wants to do good.  So yes, through charitable giving and in a meaningful way (this is where Foundation Derbyshire comes in) you can help make a real difference, remove barriers, empower and solve problems to the benefit of others. 


Born in Sheffield, Paul left school at 16 to start an apprenticeship in the steel industry.  With help from his local College Paul then went on to study Engineering at Sheffield Hallam.  A first-class honours degree then gave Paul a “dream come true” opportunity.  The chance to join Rolls-Royce in Derby.

Paul then enjoyed a varied career spanning over 30 years with Rolls-Royce including propulsion design, supply chain management, project management, logistics, operations leadership, new factory build (living & working in Singapore) and community investment.   During this latter role, Paul joined Foundation Derbyshire as a Trustee in 2015.

Paul retired (from corporate life only) in May 2020 but remains actively involved with a number of education and community-based charities.

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