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Why did you get involved with Foundation Derbyshire?

We chose Foundation Derbyshire as our preferred partner for our charitable activities when I was running the NatWest Derbyshire Commercial Banking team, given its focus on addressing issues across the county and its extensive support of local community groups. We could be certain that the money we raised would be put into good use in our community and not simply disappear into a vast pot which could have been the case if we had chosen to support one of the big named national charities. During this time I learnt much about the effective work the Foundation does and it was an easy decision to get more involved once I left the bank.

What do you get out of being a Trustee?

A huge amount of satisfaction and enjoyment. I am constantly impressed by the selfless qualities and dedication of the people running the charities and voluntary organisations that we are able to support. Helping these people and organisations to achieve their aims, often in the face of significant challenges, at the same time as meeting our donors’ aims makes it all worthwhile.

How would you describe Foundation Derbyshire’s impact?

Unique and increasingly significant.  Unique because our endowment model for donor funds enables us to continue to sustainably deliver grants almost in perpetuity and, over time, distribute many times the level of the original donation. Increasingly and significantly, because of our extensive local knowledge, and the credibility that gives us, we have been able to deliver emergency aid during the Covid-19 pandemic and in connection with the floods that preceded it. Additionally, on the non-financial angle, the advice and insight we are able to give both the donors and the organisations we support mean we can help all parties generate the best possible outcome – real added value.


Phil hails from Kent (he is keen to point out that he is a “Man of Kent” rather than a “Kentish Man”) and began his 35-year career in banking in a Captain Mainwaring type branch on the coast down there. Over this time he progressed from his initial Private Pike type role into the world of corporate banking in London, subsequently relocating to the East Midlands in 1992. He retired from his final role in the bank leading the Derbyshire Commercial Banking team in 2009. 
Since leaving banking Phil has been active in Management, Non-Executive Director and Advisory roles, mostly in the legal, accountancy and financial sectors. 
In his spare time Phil is a keen landscape and wildlife photographer and an enthusiastic, but clumsy, baker. 
Phil became a Trustee in 2013 after 3 years of acting in an advisory capacity on the Foundation’s Finance Committee. 
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