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£2,000 was awarded to TOGS, a Derby-based clothes bank, through our Walbrook Fund back in January 2020. The grant was to fund the group’s rent for a full 12 months.

As a small, local charity, rent is TOGS main expense, as such the Walbrook grant has provided stability and reassurance throughout an incredibly difficult 18 months.

So many families have struggled with lack of money,  homelessness and redundancy.   TOGS have provided families with clothing,  shoes, equipment, toys and books.  Bedding has been high on the list of items given out this past year.

To be honest, if I had not found TOGS, and the lovely Anthea, I would be in a very difficult and hard place which would leave me with a lot of problems and in a lot of debt.  With my ongoing situation with my health, I would be so much worse than I am at the moment.

TOGS are great people who never judge you, it’s a lovely relaxed place to go, they never make you feel ashamed, they are there to help with whatever you need.

500 people, representing 1,000 children were supported in 2020

TOGS is an invaluable source of support to the Derby City health visitors working in the most deprived areas of the City.   The weekly support from TOGS makes such a difference to families experiencing financial hardship. By being able to offer some age-appropriate toys to young children, health visitors are able to educate parents about the value of play and how this will promote their child’s development.

By providing cots or Moses baskets and appropriate bedding they are able to promote safe sleep, reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The provision of sterilisers helps parents to make the preparation of feeds safe and hygienic, reducing the risk of their infant getting stomach upsets. Having a pram or a buggy helps to reduce isolation by helping mum and dad to have the means to get the baby out of the house more easily.

The help, support and advice given by the staff of Foundation Derbyshire is exemplary and for small charities such as TOGS we could not survive.

TOGS Applicant

TOGS continues to provide a range of clothes and resources to those in desperate need including; women and children in refuges, people in homeless refuges and B&B’s, local refugee families, those who have lost jobs or who are living in poverty.

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