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“We have been improving the lives of older people in rural High Peak communities for over 50 years and had the opportunity to increase the service we have been providing and reach out to the whole High Peak area.  This funding enabled us to meet the increase in demand since Covid, which has not diminished.”

For many older people, physiotherapy provided at home provides the most effective way of delivering treatment. The time and space available facilitates improvements in both physical and mental health in an environment where the patient is best placed to receive it.  Better mobility helps older people to maintain independence, they are more easily able to look after themselves in their own home, but also to participate in local community life, supported by others as well as being supported by them.

This could be the difference between being able to get out and shop for groceries or being able to go out and have tea or join a craft group with friends, instead of being stuck at home in front of the television.

Poor mobility not only affects the person, but also their partners and family who often have to take on the role of carer. This can be detrimental to their wellbeing, so it is important for the whole household that each individual maintains as much mobility and independence as they can


“ Our service was set up as a better option for patients than the NHS could provide in a rural area, and I believe that is still the case. Our service provides treatment for those who should not be on a long NHS waiting list and whose suffering would be greatly increased if they had to travel for treatment. While the NHS offers basic physiotherapy treatment over a fixed time at hospitals and clinics, we treat people in their own homes, which can be more effective at relieving suffering and has additional benefits from the better opportunity to refer to other services where needed”

This grant paid for the salary of their physiotherapist. They ask patients to complete a questionnaire at the end of their treatment and invite them to make additional comment. The charity found it was was difficult to decide which comments to include as it was clear they have made a life-changing difference to so many people, but here are typical examples of the additional feedback from three recent service users:

“My mum had lost all her confidence in walking and was becoming weaker. The physio showed amazing empathy and understanding of my mum’s various health conditions and was able to assess and motivate her gradually and communicate and connect with her personably. He was very patient and raised my mum’s mobility considerably. I fear without his intervention my mum may have lost her independence. Thank you wholeheartedly for this help.”

“The Service made a deal of difference, especially as I didn’t have to travel. It means a lot to be seen in your own home. Steve has a lovely manner and I’m confident that he knows his job. He was very helpful, polite and understanding. Thank you.”

“The physio intervention helped in several ways. Firstly Steve was able to advise us around a number of issues regarding mobility and this enabled us to take independent steps to help. Secondly, it gave my father an element of optimism that there could be a solution to his pain relief from and “expert”.”


Foundation Derbyshire has always supported core costs and continues to do so……

Established groups are also very welcome to apply  – projects / services don’t need to be ‘new’

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