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Foundation Derbyshire’s Coronavirus Fund

We have established Foundation Derbyshire’s Coronavirus Response Fund as a vehicle for distributing the various donations and funding streams that we are administering, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on our local communities.

The voluntary and community sector is playing a crucial role, alleviating pressure on the health service and reaching and supporting those made most vulnerable by the economic and social impact of the Coronavirus.

By adopting this “one stop shop” approach, we are endeavouring to make our grant application process as simple and responsive as possible for groups and organisations, during these incredibly challenging times.

In addition to generous donations from the Foundation’s donors and fund-holders, our Response Fund is now distributing funds on behalf of both local and national funders, including Derbyshire County Council and the National Emergencies Trust.

Emergency £1,000 Foodbank Grants

Our initial focus has been to provide £1,000 emergency grants to:

(a) established Foodbanks in Derby and Derbyshire


(b) established organisations that already run a foodbank service as part of their suite of support

If your group would like to apply for a £1,000 Emergency Foodbank Grant, please email the Grants Team at by clicking the button below.


Apply For £1000 Emergency Foodbank Funding



Coronavirus Response – General Grants

We are now also able to accept applications of up to £5,000 from community groups and infrastructure and front line delivery organisations involved in the supply and delivery of food and/or services to those who are medically, socially or financially vulnerable, for example:

  • Support for vulnerable and older people in their homes, providing food and medicines
  • Funding for community groups that are linked into the Community Response Units being established across the county to coordinate the above support
  • Special provision of crisis services for rough sleepers and those living in temporary accommodation or for refugees and asylum seekers
  • To reach (with support and information) local residents who don’t have access to the internet/smartphones – via self-care packages, coordinating volunteers and keeping the work of the Community Response Units accessible to them.

We are also able to make a small number of larger strategic grants to organisations that have the capacity to deliver the above on a multi-district/county wide basis. For further information or to discuss applications for larger grants, please contact Sarah at

Community & voluntary groups and charities can apply for a general Coronavirus Response Fund Grant by completing our standard application form.

PLEASE NOTE: We are experiencing unprecedented demand for this Fund. Before starting your online applications, please check the current availability of funds by emailing

Please click the button below to start your online application.


Apply For A Coronavirus Response Fund Grant


As the situation develops and we understand more fully where the pressures and challenges are, we aim to respond to the needs of the community and voluntary groups more widely and will also review the size of grants that we are able to award.


If you would like to donate to the Foundation Derbyshire Coronavirus Fund, please click the button below to go to our Justgiving page, or email

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