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Grants That Work – Parenting Additional Needs

Awarded £1,900 for core costs over a full year, including volunteer expenses and room hire from our Derbyshire High Sheriff Fund

“I have made lifelong friends and been signposted to organisations which have helped us as a family.”
– Chris, Parent

A grant was provided at a critical juncture in Parenting Additional Need’s (PAN) journey – a grant which ultimately held the group together at a time of turbulence. Without a doubt PAN would not exist today if the Derbyshire High Sheriff Fund had not offered the support it did, when it did.

PAN’s main focus is to support the parents of children with physical disabilities or neurodiversity, they empower the parents, building confidence and resilience. They offer an emotional outlet, and provide practical advice and support through educational processes and care options – which can be daunting and complex.

“PAN is somewhere to go and offload and be around people who understand your situation. Without the grant there would be no PAN and so we wouldn’t get the support we need.” – Helen, Parent 

“PAN has been the only organisation I can reach out to if I need some support. I’ve asked for information on the EHCP process and my rights as a family carer and I’ve always got a really quick response, They have helped me out in the last 2 years and the peer groups have been a great outlet for my experiences. If it wasn’t for them my child and I would have hit crisis.” – Tanya, Parent

Now in 2021 they continue to support over 1100 people via their Facebook group and over 50 families through peer support groups.