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Grants That Work – The Worth Charity

Awarded in early March 2020 from our Gerard-Pearse Family Fund, the timing of this grant was incredibly fortunate, as it has really offered security in what has turned out to be a very difficult year. The Worth Charity, based in Chesterfield, has provided women with a safe space, resources and the chance to meet together, and individually, with a mentor and start to rebuild their lives after being in domestic abuse situations.

“Having the time to just be in a safe environment and finding joy in small achievements has allowed me to have a voice and to rebuild my shattered self worth – this has been totally priceless.” 

Because of Covid the work has mainly been online – this has been really important in relieving isolation. 2020 has seen an increase in women accessing Worth, with domestic abuse situations being made worse by the nature of lock downs.

2020 has also seen Worth find a new Chair of Trustees, which will develop their governance and bring even greater stability to the charity.

“There are many local small groups and charities working in communities doing excellent much needed work on very limited budgets. Support with funding is sometimes a matter of them continuing or going under – now more than ever. A big thank you to the Gerard-Pearse Family Fund”